Celebrate Women in Engineering and Register for the 2017 Global Marathon

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DiscoverE’s 2017 Global Marathon

Two Women Engineers

Global Marathon is a celebration of women in engineering.

The 2017 Global Marathon, a DiscoverE event, is a free, virtual event that focuses on women in engineering and technology, and will take place on March 8-9, 2017. The sessions are aimed to educate and empower.

The keynote topic for this year is the engineering behind Cirque du Soleil. In addition, there will be a wide range of exciting topics that will be covered, including the Mentorship Cycle, Entrepreneurship, and many others.

Taking part is easy. Just register and watch the sessions remotely on your computer or mobile device.

Agenda and Speakers

2017 Engineers Week - Dream BigThis year’s marathon builds on the theme Dream Big. The full agenda can be viewed on DiscoverE’s 2017 Global Marathon Agenda page, while the full list of dynamic speakers can be viewed on DiscoverE’s speakers page. Here is just a brief sampling of what will be presented.

Day 1 – Creating Your Dream

  • The Engineering of Cirque du Soleil: An Intersection of Circus Arts & Technology!
  • All Aboard, The Future of Commercial Space Travel
  • Engineering Student to Entrepreneur; Global Team Creates Global Solution

Day 2 – Making Your Dream a Reality

  • STEM, the Other Mother Tongue
  • The Mentorship Cycle – Mentoring Throughout Your Career
  • Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Register for the 2017 Global Marathon

Mentorship is one of the topics being covered in the 2017 Global Marathon.

Mentorship is one of the topics being covered in the 2017 Global Marathon.

There are many topics that will be covered so we’ve created a handy 2017 Global Marathon Schedule Planner (PDF) to help you plan which sessions you’ll view. Even if you’re even just remotely interested, register now or share it with someone who might be. Make sure to check your email after you’ve registered and follow the instructions.

Did I mention it was free and virtual? So set aside some time now to check it out, and get inspired.

Other Programs and More Information

Global Marathon is one of many campaigns by DiscoverE to help promote engineering, especially to the youth and women. Other campaigns include Engineers Week, Girl Day, and Global Day.

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